A piece of jewellery can change your life. 

As it changed mine...

Born and raised in Moscow, I always had a passion for discovering the particularity in the things surrounded me. I recall gathering leaves, stones and flowers and handcrafting one-of-a-kind pieces of natural elements.

After completing my Master Degree in Language and Literature at Moscow University, I knew I that I should go abroad to have more experience. I entered the Milan University to continue my study. More I stay in Italy and see design and craftswork around, more I faschinated with this world.

I began making simple beaded jewelry. Soon, friends and friends of their friends were asking about my pieces and requesting one for themselves, and over time my jewelry-making hobby became a full-time job.

I decided to follow my interests and inspirations and start to study Fashion jewelry design and Metalsmithing in the Milan Ambrosian School of Jewelry Making, attended courses in Moscow and took masterclasses in wax modelling. I discover the beauty of artisan work and power of craftmanship that can evoke and inspire reflection, capture new memories and special moments in life. It became the beginning of my creative adventure. 


The authencity of every piece could only be conveyed by making them by hand therefore each design within every collection is completely handcrafted.